Stolen Sunset – day two


The adventure continues.

Another exhilarating day of outline writing and more surprises and new avenues for the story to explore.

I am still only in the first third but I’m satisfied that the direction the book is taking is the right one.

I knew starting out that this book would be different from the first three. That was a given. DARK SUNSET, BLOODY SUNSET and FOGGY SUNSET follow a definite story arc.

That arc concludes in FOGGY so I was now free to go in a different direction.

When I set out to write STOLEN SUNSET I had one core idea in mind – that Molly would go to the most dangerous place in the world; her own past.

Like Molly, I need a constant challenge. I have to shake things up to keep them fresh while at the same time giving the reader what they have come to expect from the Sunset series.

Walking that tightrope is what keeps it interesting for me.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a holiday.

Happy Canada Day everyone!