New features on the site


I’ve added a couple of new features to the site today.
You’ll notice a Contact Us tab. There are email addresses here where you can contact me or my publisher Cliff House Publishing. I can’t promise I will answer every email but I’ll certainly try.

We are also in the process of building a mailing list. In the very near future I plan to send out some cool stuff including exclusive short stories and updates. I promise to keep your information confidential no matter how hard the spammers torture me to get it.


Back at the word farm I just crossed the halfway point in the first draft of STOLEN SUNSET. That’s over 40,000 words so far.

Amy has already started editing Rip and Wilma’s latest adventure – DOUBLE TAP – which will be coming in the fall. After reading the manuscript for the first time, she now refuses to turn her back on me.

I should be posting artwork for the cover concepts around Labor Day.


I think I finally have a title for the next Rip and Wilma book now that the story elements are starting to jell in my mind. I’m thinking of calling it THE SNUBNOSE EXPRESS.