Peter McGarvey

Meet Rip & Wilma, a not so average Detroit couple …

Peace, love, and understanding don’t appear in the lexicon of professional killers Rip Hunter and his partner Wilma. They have their own set of rules. It’s what’s made them successful for the past fifteen years and, more importantly, what’s kept them alive.

  • Never use the same gun twice
  • Always get half the money up front
  • Never use real names
  • Always be neat and discreet

But times are tough in Detroit, especially in the murder for hire business. So when Rip breaks one of their cardinal rules, it sets off a cascade of calamity and they find themselves on the run from killers more ruthless than they are.

“Rip and Wilma are Detroit—soulless, cold, desperate, and mean, but not without a certain charm.”
 ~ John Wooley, author of Wes Craven: The Man and His Nightmares