Now that BLOODY SUNSET is in the stores and starting to sell I am busy revising my next Rip and Wilma book DOUBLE TAP.

Originally I wrote HAIR TRIGGER, which was their first adventure, as a one off. But fate and fickle being what they are, I discovered that there was a large and very enthusiastic audience for my two Detroit contract killers.

My challenge, when I first entertained the idea of doing a second book, was to come up with a story as wild, and hopefully, as funny as the first. I spent a lot of time thinking about it before finally seizing on the core idea that I would build the novel around – Rip and Wilma are hired to find and kill the people who murdered a judge. Their dilemma is that they are the ones who killed the judge.

And it starts from there and drags them along for a really wild ride that takes them from Detroit to Michigan’s supermax prison, Switzerland, Buffalo and finally Charleston, South Carolina. Along the way they meet some pretty interesting folks including a beloved children’s author who has started to express some bizarre ideas about the British Royal Family; a faded Motown singer whose who is being eaten into bankruptcy by his wife’s cats; and a celebrity billionaire who makes Donald Trump look like an introvert. Oh, and did I mention Godzilla? Yes, the king of monsters also makes a guest appearance.

I am just a little over half way into my revisions before I hand it off to Amy, my trusted editor who will help me shape DOUBLE TAP into its final published form.

We are looking at a November or December release date for the book so add it to your list for Santa (who also appears in the book).

Meanwhile if you haven’t read the first volume of the Rip and Wilma saga HAIR TRIGGER just click on the Books tab and link to your preferred format.