Double Tap – Locked and Loaded


I finished the final revisions on DOUBLE TAP, my next Rip and Wilma book.

Now, it’s time to hand the book off to Amy, my ever-patient editor.

Turning a manuscript over to someone else always creates conflicted feelings in me: relief to be finished the revision work at last, while at the same time, the same sense of sadness you feel when a child takes its first steps toward independence.

Finishing DOUBLE TAP is the culmination of over a year and a half worth of work. During that time it has gone from being safely tucked inside my head, and flowed into a Word document that only I could access. Just before I started the revision it took its first baby steps when it was read by three people I trust to give me really blunt and constructive feedback.

This I got in droves and it fueled the revision. I am now satisfied that DOUBLE TAP exceeds the craziness of HAIR TRIGGER.

In the new book Rip and Wilma confront a crazed analyst, a pair of bike gangs and a multitude of other mysterious factions who seem to be hell bent on taking them out of the picture.

If all goes to plan, you will be able see for yourself later this fall when the book is released.