Peter McGarvey

Cruelty, blackmail, abuse, murder …
in Sunset, old crimes never die.

Although the pretty little town of Sunset, Michigan, is called paradise by tourists, growing up as the daughter of a crackpot religious fanatic, Molly Parson’s childhood there was hell. When she finally escapes Sunset, Molly swears she will never return.

But after stumbling into a job as a bounty hunter tracking down lowlifes on the mean streets of Detroit, a case brings Molly back to her hometown where she unexpectedly meets the man of her dreams and takes on a new career as a detective in the Sunset Police Department.

Crippled by grief over her husband’s death and haunted by terrifying visions, Molly is searching for redemption. Instead, she finds herself swept into a maelstrom of deceit, murder, and madness.

“McGarvey’s first novel is a near-perfect fusion of character and setting. It’s a real page turner … ” 
     ~ Don Hutchison, author of The Great Pulp Heroes

Peter McGarvey reads an excerpt from Dark Sunset at the Burlington Library, April 2016.