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Bloody Sunset – Ready for Round 2?


Are you ready to go another round with Molly Parsons?

I certainly hope so. BLOODY SUNSET is complete. We are just waiting on the final changes to the front and back covers and then it will go on sale.

The e-book versions should be available early next week on Amazon and Kobo. The trade paperback will be along before the end of the week.

In Bloody Sunset Detective Molly Parsons discovers a holiday weekend is anything but relaxing.

After barely surviving her last case, Molly is looking forward to nothing more than kicking back and enjoying the Independence Day weekend. Unfortunately, a murderer has other plans.

Howard Lane was a cheat and an embezzler, but that didn’t mean he deserved to be chopped up with a meat cleaver. At least Molly doesn’t think so.

Along with a homicide to solve, Molly also has to babysit Wall Street’s most notorious fraud artist. What she doesn’t know is that he is being stalked by the Grim Assassins, a righteous trio of self-styled avengers of crimes against the economy who will stop at nothing to reap their vengeance.

As if her life isn’t complicated enough, Molly finds herself attracted to a charming federal agent with secrets of his own.

Fireworks, gunplay, and murder guarantee this Fourth of July in Sunset will be a memorable one.

And now I can go back to binge watching season two of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK …