Bloody Sunset Is Almost Upon Us

It’s now less than two weeks before the launch of the new Molly Parsons mystery, BLOODY SUNSET.

The advance readers have been unanimous in their praise for the book and I can hardly wait to hear what everyone else thinks. This book has been a long slog for me because of a personal crisis (I lost my dad in the middle of the editing process) which threw me off my game for a few weeks.

However, the recent reading down in Chatham helped me get back on track and it was fun to reveal an abridged first chapter of the book to an audience for the first time.

Thanks again everyone who came out for the reading.

Once BLOODY SUNSET is in the stores we start editing DOUBLE TAP, the follow up to HAIR TRIGGER. And in early July I will start writing the fourth Molly Parsons mystery STOLEN SUNSET.

Fourth? You say. Well, I finished FOGGY SUNSET last year and a special preview is included in both the trade paperback and ebook versions of BLOODY.

With a strong wind at my back DOUBLE TAP and FOGGY SUNSET should be out by the end of the year.

Thanks again for reading.