Peter McGarvey

Detective Molly Parsons discovers a holiday weekend is anything but relaxing …

After barely surviving her last case, Molly is looking forward to nothing more than kicking back and enjoying the Independence Day weekend.

Unfortunately, a murderer has other plans. 

Howard Lane was a cheat and an embezzler, but that doesn’t mean he deserves to be chopped up with a meat cleaver. At least Molly doesn’t think so.

Along with a homicide to solve, Molly is also babysitting Wall Street’s most notorious fraud artist. What she doesn’t know is that he’s being stalked by the Grim Assassins, a righteous trio of self-styled avengers of crimes against the economy who will stop at nothing to reap their vengeance. 

As if life isn’t complicated enough, Molly finds herself attracted to a charming federal agent with secrets of his own.

Fireworks, gun play, and murder guarantee this Fourth of July in Sunset will be a memorable one.

“Molly Parsons is a beguiling character who fully deserves to be the star of a long, successful series of return engagements.” 
     ~ Don Hutchison, author of The Great Pulp Heroes

Peter McGarvey reads an excerpt from Bloody Sunset at Word Jamming, March 2015.