At Last Rip & Wilma Are Back




And what a long, strange journey it has been.

Since their first caper Hair Trigger appeared, readers have been asking, begging — even offering to bear my children — if I would just bring these two lovable psychopaths back for another adventure.

This time, Detroit isn’t cruel enough to contain them.  Double Tap takes Rip and Wilma all over the map — from the Swiss Alps to a maximum security prison, and from the deep woods of Michigan to the lip of Niagara Falls.  Finally, they end up in Charleston, South Carolina, in the center of a massive hurricane.

Believe it or not, the villains along the way are even more vile and colorful — sadistic prison guards, Mafia kingpins, inept biker gangs, and especially a billionaire former reality show host who has his sights set on the whole world.  Sound like anyone we know?

I’m pleased to see that advance orders have been great.  But if you’re one of those people who like to tempt fate, or Rip and Wilma’s wrath, and have not ordered your copy yet, you can get Double Tap through one of the following links:  eBook from Amazon CanadaAmazon U.S.Indigo (Kobo Canada)Kobo (U.S.), and Trade Paperback from Amazon.