Yesterday I wrote the two most beautiful words that any writer can use, "The End".

Writing STOLEN SUNSET was everything that I expected, and more. It was a joy from the first word to the last. And even with a detailed outline the story continued to go in its own direction, and delight and surprise me.

I will begin my revisions in about a week, and it should go for its first reading by the end of September.

Next on my agenda--SNUBNOSE EXPRESS--the new Rip and Wilma adventure, which I already busy plotting. I should begin writing it early in November if all goes according to plan.

And in the meantime, Amy and I are hard at work editing the final copy on DOUBLE TAP the next Rip and Wilma book, which will be published in the fall.

Today, to celebrate finishing the book, I am joining my good buddy Che on the links at Glen Eagle...



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