I look so sinister here... Kind of like my killer in STOLEN SUNSET.

This picture of me was taken on the set of A GUNFIGHT which was a student film we made back sometime just after the Bronze Age when I was a production major in the film program at York University.

I remember that day vividly, it was freezing cold and my trigger finger kept turning blue. I had to wear fairly light clothing so I was a Petersickle by the day's shooting wrapped.

They dyed my hair and beard black and assured me that it would shampoo right out. They were wrong and I spent the next couple of weeks with an interesting mixture of black and blond hair.

But, hey, in film school I fit right in.

Anyhow, I am happy to report that I have been writing the first draft of the new book this week and am already 10,000 words into it.

So far, it has been a joy to write. I was excited about this book going in and my enthusiasm was not misplaced.

In my humble opinion (if I'm allowed to have one) it is my best book so far. I love the challenge of taking the series in a different direction. And it even allows me to reintroduce some characters from earlier books.


Amy is hard at work editing Rip and Wilma's new adventure DOUBLE TAP which will be coming out this fall. She keeps sending me long lists of people who she thinks Rip and Wilma should visit. I certainly agree with most of her suggestions, especially the one that included the entire cast of the DUCK DYNASTY.



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