The final bound proofs of the book just arrived and it was really exciting to see the book in its final printed form for the first time.

I am busy getting them to my troop of final proofreaders and if all goes well the book should be ready for distribution by the end of May.

As a special treat we have included an exclusive preview of the next Molly Parsons mystery - FOGGY SUNSET in both the trade paperback and e-book versions.

We are just in the final stages of production on the book. I expect to receive the bound proofs this week. Then it's one final read and, if everything is okay, BLOODY SUNSET will finally appear in the bookstores.

It's been a long journey. But, from the reaction of the audience at the Chatham reading, it has been worth it.

The retail price on the paperback will be $14.95 and the e-book is